Google  to Offer  Discounted Pixel Phones on Amazon Prime Day


It makes sense that Google would offer discounted Pixel Phones on Amazon Prime Day. The company’s latest Pixel phones have great specs, top-notch performance, and an enviable camera setup. In addition, the new phones are just a few hundred dollars cheaper than many of today’s flagship Android phones. So, it’s no surprise that Google would be offering a sale on these phones, and the company is making it easier for customers to take advantage of it.

The Pixel 6 Pro are Google’s latest flagships. Both feature excellent cameras with 4X optical zoom. They also feature an excellent battery life with a full day of use. The Pixel 6 Pro can be expensive though, so you’ll want to make sure to get the best deal possible before you buy them.

Google is offering discounts on its Pixel 6 line during Amazon Prime Day. Currently, the Google Pixel 6 128GB smartphone is priced at Rs.43, 500 which is less than the previous price. Google will be offering a massive discount on the Pixel 6 Pro during Amazon Prime Day.

Why the Google Pixel Phone is affordable?

In today’s market, a phone can be expensive or affordable. For many people, the affordability of a phone is key to choosing one. With the Google Pixel Phone, there are a few factors that make it affordable. First and foremost, the Pixel is not financed by Google. This means that you pay for your phone outright without any monthly payments. This is an important factor for those who are not interested in contract-based phones. Additionally, the Pixel has a very low price point compared to other flagship smartphones on the market. At $649USD/$799CAD, it is a great value for those looking for an affordable flagship smartphone. Finally, one of the biggest selling points of the Google Pixel Phone is its design. Compared to other smartphones on the market, it has a sleek and modern look that many people love.

Pixel phone features

Google has finally announced the Pixel phone, which is a new and innovative device that many might think is too expensive. However, the Pixel phone has some great features that might interest you. For example, it has a lot of processing power and storage space so you can keep all your photos, videos, and other important documents safe. Additionally, the Pixel phone has a powerful processor which means it runs smoothly and efficiently. The Pixel phone features a number of key features, including: an A.I. assistant that can handle tasks such as finding restaurants, checking payments, and managing schedules; an B.I. assistant that can help with things like internet searches and tracking bills; a front-mounted speaker for music listening and video watching; and a facial recognition system that can unlock the phone if it is recognised by someone else’s face.

Pixel phones are a new type of phone marketed towards gamers and other active users. These phones have some unique features that make them perfect for these users. One of the key features is the ability to use Android Beam to connect with other devices wirelessly. Another feature is the lack of a headphone jack, which makes it easier for these users to listen to music and watch video without having to fumble around with headphones.

Is Pixel phone better than other Brands?

Pixels are a cult favourite among many smartphone enthusiasts, and there is no question that they’re one of the best-looking devices on the market. While there are other brands out there with better smartphones, Pixel is definitely one of the most beloved. Many people say that it has a sleek and modern design, while others claim that its features are simply superior. So, does Pixel phone have an edge over other brands? Let’s take a look!

It has many features that are unique and helpful, and it’s also very affordable. Whether you’re a brand new user or you’ve been using Pixel phones for a while, we think you should give them a try. The Google Pixel phone has been popular among users and critics alike since its release in late October of last year. Some sceptics argue that the phone is not as good as other brands, while others believe that the Pixel is a better option than any other device on the market.

The Pixel phone has many favourable reviews, but some people are still divided on whether it is better than other brands. Some people believe that the Pixel is the best phone ever made, while others feel that the collection of features offered by other brands is more comprehensive. Some people may think that the Pixel is better than other brands because of its innovative design and sleek look. Others may not like how expensive some Pixel models can be, or find that they don’t have many features compared to other brands. Ultimately, it all comes down to what someone is looking for in a phone.

Pixel Camera Specifications

MAIN CAMERASingle12.3 MP, f/2.0, 1/2.3″, 1.55µm, PDAF, Laser AF
FeaturesDual-LED flash, HDR, panorama
Video4K@30fps, 1080p@60/120fps, 1080p@30fps (gyro-EIS), 720p@240fps
SELFIE CAMERASingle8 MP, f/2.4, 1/3.2″, 1.4µm


What is the current price of Google Pixel?

Google Pixel starts from Rs.9, 999 In India.

Which Google Pixel phone is best?

Google’s newest Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 6 PRO, is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality device. It comes with features that make it convenient to use, and its design is sleek and stylish.

Are Google phones better than Samsung?

Google has been dominant in the smartphone market for some time now, but Samsung is quickly catching up. While both companies have released some great phones, there are a few that stand out more than the rest. The Google Pixel is one of these phones, and it’s easily one of the best options on the market.

While Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ may be good devices in their own right, they pale in comparison to Google’s newest phone. This phone has many features that make it great for online activities and calls, as well as for gaming. Finally, it has a sleek design that will definitely turn heads.

So if you’re looking for an affordable phone that can handle most tasks, the Google Pixel is your best bet.


In conclusion, Google is offering discounted Pixel phones on Amazon Prime Day. If you’re a Prime member, be sure to check out the deals.

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