How to Configure Nc.rr server Mail Settings?


NC.RR.COM Settings must be configured first to use the nc roadrunner email services in any email client. If you want to set up the Nc.rr server mail settings, you must follow the procedure.

Go to the nc.rr serve email settings in your Outlook or Mailbrid or any other email client you need to have its server set up. So, to set up your RR Mail account ( Settings), you must follow the given methods here. Also, you need to configure the Incoming/Outgoing Server Port settings while processing.

How to Configure Nc. rr server Mail settings?

To configure your settings, you must have an email client. After that, you must have certain incoming and outgoing server variables. After that, you can do it.

Here, the settings remain the same for every email client. That’s why depending upon your email clients, whether it’s Android, iPhone Mail, Maibird, Outlook, etc. You can configure these Incoming/Outgoing server settings.

Setup Nc.RR Server Mail Settings on Android 

If you are an Android user, you can manually configure the settings. For this, you need to have the Email app on your phone. If not, you can download it or use the Gmail App.

  •  Open the Email App and go to Add New Account.
  • Choose the Other option there and tap on Manual Setup.
  • Now choose the POP3 or IMAP there.
  • Now for IMAP, you need to configure the Incoming Server settings,

Incoming Server Settings

Account Type: IMAP

Username: your email address. Enter your email address before @

Password: Enter your rr email password

Server Hostname:

Server Port: 993

Required Authentication: Yes, enter your email and Password


  • After configuring the IMAP Server settings, tap on the Next icon.
  • Then like IMAP Settings, you need to set the SMTP settings too. You can find the SMTP Settings here,

Outgoing Server Settings

Account Type: SMTP

Username: your email address. Enter your email address before @

Password: Enter your rr email password

Server Hostname:

Server Port: 587

Required Authentication: Yes, enter your email and Password



  • After all, you are done. Relaunch the Email App and start using the email service.

Method II – Setup Nc.RR Server Mail Settings on iPhone 

For the settings in your iPhone, you need to configure the same IMAP and SMTP Settings. In this method, you don’t need to install any mail app. Check how you can set it,

  • Go to the Settings App on your iPhone and find the Mail option.
  • Find the Accounts and tap on the Add Account.
  • Now it shows the different email services. Choose the Other shown in the down.
  • Under the New Account, add your nc.rr server mail details (Your email address and Password).
  • It shows the 2 options, IMAP or POP.
  • Under the IMAP tab, configure the given details,

Incoming Mial Server Host Name:

Outgoing Mail Server Host Name:

Password: For Password, you need to enter your rr mail password here

Username: For username, you need to enter your email address before @

  • After these, tap on the Next icon in the screen’s top right. It will prompt a pop-up on your screen with the Cannot Verify Server Identity message.
  • Tap on Continue to go ahead and tap on Save.
  • You will return to the account list and choose the new Account you set up from Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Please scroll down and find the Outgoing Mail Server (The next tab after Incoming Mail Server).
  • From the Outgoing Mail Server tab, you need to tap on the SMTP settings (arrow shown there).
  • Now you need to set the SMTP Server Settings there,

Host Name:

User Name: enter your email address before @

Password: enter your email account password

Use SSL: Toggle right to turn on

Authentication: Enter your Password 

Server Port: 587

  • After setting the SMTP Server settings, you need to tap on the Done shown on the screen’s top right edge.

Setup Nc.RR Server Mail Settings on Apple Mail

To configure the nc.rr server mail settings in your Macbook, you need to have Apple Mail. In this tutorial, we are going to set up the settings in Apple Mail,

  • Open the Apple Mail App on your phone and then move to the Mail tab.
  • Under the Mail dropdown list, you need to select Add Account.
  • It will open the pop-up in your Macbook, displaying the Choose a Mail Account Provider. It shows the list of top email exchanges like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Click on the Other Mail Account>Continue.
  • Under the New Window, Add a Mail Account, you need to enter the email details as,

Name: Your Name or your Company Name

Email Address: enter your nc. Rr. Server email address here

Password: Enter the Password of your server mail

  • After these details, click on the Sign-in option.
  • In the next window, you need to complete the settings as follows,

Email Address: enter your nc. rr server email address

Username: enter your email address before (until) @

Password: enter your email password

Account Type: to IMAP/POP

Incoming Mail Server Host:

Outgoing Mail Server Host:

(Note: Ignore the message: Unable to Verify account name or Password)

  • After these all, click on the Sign in option.
  • Ignore the pop-up showing the Mail can’t verify the server’s identity and click on Continue.
  • Next, select any apps you want to use (like Mail and Notes) and click on Done.
  • After these, you have successfully set up the nc. Rr server mail settings in Mail App.

Setup Nc.RR Server Mail Settings on Outlook 2016 (Automatically)

Windows users, preferably Outlook users, can automatically set up the nc.rr server mail settings in Outlook. To set up the nc.rr com settings in Outlook, check this tutorial,

  • Open the MS Outlook on your Desktop or Mac.
  • Go to the File>Info tab.
  • Find the Add Account section and choose Account Settings.
  • From there, click on Auto Account Setup.
  • Now fill out the email details under the Email Account.
  • After all, click on Next.
  • Now Outlook will fetch all the details automatically to configure your IMAP and SMTP Settings.
  • At last, click on Finish>Close.


What are the Incoming/Outgoing Port Settings for mail?

To configure your rr mail settings, you must configure IMAP port 993 and SMTP Port 587.

How to Configure Incoming and Outgoing Servers?

To configure the IMAP and SMTP Server settings, you must add the correct value of settings.

How to fix mail not working

If your rr mail server settings do not work, you must configure your Incoming and Outgoing settings once. 

How do we fix if there’s a sign-in Problem while configuring the Incoming and Outgoing Servers?

If you get a sign-in error while configuring the incoming and outgoing servers, you must reset your Password. You can easily reset your Password from the spectrum login page.

How do you fix Unable to Setup Incoming/Outgoing Servers?

If you are unable to set up the IMAP and SMTP, then you need to make sure the server of the spectrum is working.

How to fix the server not sending Emails Problems?

To fix the nc.rr email not sending issue, you must first check the IMAP and SMTP Server configuration. Also, ensure you have a high-speed connection and a compatible device.

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