How to Create a Suddenlink Email Account?

Suddenlink Email, obtained by Optimum, is a reliable online solution for you. It’s one of the best and most secure email service providers. Like other email services, you can easily set up the Suddenlink to Outlook, Thunderbird, or any Email Client.

About Suddenlink Email

Suddenlink now becomes Optimum. It’s one of the trusted and secured US-based email and online service companies. It has a large user base all over the world


Similarly, the Suddenlink account allows users to get access to the different services offered by them. So, the users can easily grab an email account to get access from anywhere and anytime.

Suddenlink Features

Suddenlink Email is one of the most trusted online services companies. It also provides the best and most secure mailing services. 

  • Modify the message filters and features to modify and categorize the incoming Mail.
  • Features to Import the contacts, emails, and addresses to make it easy to get the emails.
  • Authorize access for Liberty to create your email signature.
  • Editing the emails with spell check while composing the emails,
  • Automatic clean-up facility to filter your Mail.
  • Secured, safe, and reliable email service
  • Easy to host and set up the Mail to any email clients
  • Features the Unique Incoming and Outgoing Servers

How to Create a Suddenlink Email Account

The primary step to get into Suddenlink is creating its Email Account. Like other email services, you can easily create a suddenlink email account. For this, you can check these Suddenlink Signup Steps,

  • Visit the suddenlink login page
  • Click on the Signup
  • Now enter your 16-digit account number. You can also enter the 4-digit PIN Number there. You can find these details in your bill or the confirmation mail.
  • Fill up the Captcha there.
  • Click on the Next and fill out the Information in detail
  • Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Password, Security Questions, Region, etc.
  • After filling in all the details, check the Terms and Conditions and click Save.
  • Now you are ready to use your Suddenlink Email, and you’re done.

How to Login into Suddenlink Email Account

To get the Suddenlink Login, you need to have your login credentials. After creating the Suddenlink Email Account, you need to get a login for access. Here are the steps to get logged in to your Suddenlink Email


  • Open the Suddenlink Email sign-in page.
  • Click on the Login/Sign up and enter the username there. You can also enter your email address or phone number and click on Next.
  • Enter your Login Password and then Next.
  • Or,
  • Enter the Username and Password and click on LOG IN.
  • Now you are in.

How to fix You can’t Log in to Suddenlink Email?

If you cannot log in to your suddenlink email, you can troubleshoot it. Behind this, it may have multiple reasons, so you need to find the possible causes and their fixes; here are some points to consider,

You must enter the correct username and password for Suddenlink Account. Fill out the password correctly.

Suddenlink email needs an active internet connection to fetch the data. Also, to sync, it needs an internet connection. So, confirm this issue.

Check the Server status of the Suddenlink. It’s rare, but you can check, for instance.

How to Recover Suddenlink Username

  • Go to the Login page of the Suddenlink email.
  • Click on the Forget Username? The option is just below the Sign up Now.
  • It will open the new tab on your screen., now enter your email address there. You can also enter the Account Number by checking the Use Account Number instead of Use Mail.
  • Now verify the Captcha and click on Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to verify the Mail and set the new username.
  • It will open a new page. Now, enter the new username there and your password. 

How to Reset Suddenlink Email Password

If you forget your suddenlink email password, then you can reset your Suddenlink Password. To reset your password, you must have your phone number for verification. If not, then use your security answers to verify.

  • Visit the Suddenlink Password Reset Page
  • Now type your username there and next.
  • Click on the Get Security Question,
  • Now answer the security questions, (You must answer them correctly for each question. It must be the same as before (During the setup time, what you set).
  • After that, check and verify the I’m not a Robot and click on Next.
  • Check the Alternative email for the reset link or password.

Suddenlink Email Settings

To set up a Suddenlink email, you must configure its settings. After creating the Suddenlink account, you must create specific server settings on the email clients.

So, to connect to any email clients, you must have the Suddenlink SMTP Settings, IMAP, and POP Settings. You can check these settings here


Suddenlink IMAP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

Server Name:

Port: 993

Security: SSL

Username: enter your email address before @

Password: Enter your Suddenlink email password (Your suddenlink account password)

Suddenlink POP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

Server Name:

Port: 110

Username: enter your email address before @

Password: Enter your Suddenlink email password (Your suddenlink account password)

TLS/SSL Required: No

You can use either POP or IMAP of them as an Incoming Server. Also, these are the Incoming Mail Server that helps to receive the emails. So, to send the emails, you need to configure the Outgoing Server settings.

Suddenlink SMTP Settings (Outgoing Mail Server)

Server Name:

Port: 25

Username: enter your email address before @

Password: Enter your Suddenlink email password (Your suddenlink account password)

TLS/SSL Required: No

This Sending server will help send the emails from your Suddenlink email using the hosted email clients.

How to Access Suddenlink Email to Outlook

Accessing and managing your suddenlink Mail via an email client is easy. Among the number of email clients, Outlook is one of them. So, here’s the stepwise solution to set up Suddenlink Email to Outlook.

Step I – Downloading the Email Backup Tool

Several email backup tools will help to drived the suddenlink emails so that you can import them to your Outlook. You can use any of the tools for this. 

Step II – Setting Up

  • Open the Email Backup Tool and go to the Email Source List.
  • Choose the IMAP Server from the Email Source dropdown.
  • Now enter your suddenlink email address and password there.
  • Also, enter the IMAP host as and IMAP Port No 993.
  • Click on the Login option. Here it will load the files showing the different folders of your Mail.
  • From these folders list, please choose any of them and enable it to process.
  • Now it will ask you to choose the PST for the saving. Here you can set the destination/path in your windows for where to store the Backup. Click on the Change or leave it as it is (but not the path) to change.
  • After these, click on the Backup option and wait for a moment.
  • Now your emails are ready to view.
  • After that, you can open it with Outlook easily.

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