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As an e-mail provider, has a lot of e-mail send and receive errors. These errors are just annoying to fix it. Everyone is looking for an easy way to fix these errors. The error message “Error in Send/Receive: It is a common one that many people receive. Several things can cause this error message, but most often, it is the result of an invalid SSL certificate. This error can also be caused by a network issue or a corrupt file on the server.

This article will show you how to fix send/receive errors in Thunderbird.

How do Access Mail?

  • First, go to the AT&T Mail Login page
  • Then, input your Bellsouth username and password in the User ID and Password textual content fields.
  • After that, click on ‘Sign in‘ to log in to your Bellsouth e-mail account.

Why I am Unable to Send Message Using Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an e-mail client that is widely used in the world. It has a nice user interface and supports all kinds of e-mail protocols. It works very well on Mac OS X and Windows platforms. It also has a web interface for sending e-mails without installing any software on the system.

But, sometimes, you may not be able to send messages using Thunderbird. This can be for several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Check the outgoing e-mail settings of SMTP
  • Ensure that the correct SMTP server is being used
  • Check your outgoing e-mail, whether it is blocked or not
  • Kindly delete and reset the SMTP password

E-mail suddenly disappeared from Thunderbird

To fix it, you can follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to close the Thunderbird.
  • Then, you have to make a backup of the Inbox file
  • After that, delete the Inbox file from your profile.
  • Next, start the Thunderbird and install the below add-on: Use the add-on to import the messages from the backed up Inbox file.

Unable to Login Mail

If you cannot log in to your mail account, it is most likely because of some security issue. You can check if you are logged in or not by looking at the URL of your e-mail account. If it is not working, you have to fix the problem and get back in the system. A lot of people are unable to log in to the mail service. They think that it is a problem with their e-mail account. This section provides a simple solution for such problems.

Mail not coming from Gmail

If your Gmail account is not receiving e-mails, it may be because of several problems. The mail you obtain takes up space, and in case your Google account runs out of space, you cannot get new e-mails. Also, if you have the incorrect Gmail inbox settings or lack a strong net connection, you will not get new e-mails.

Mail not coming from Yahoo

Try to close and restart first, and if it would not work, You can effortlessly reset the Chrome or repair Safari. You can also try a specific Yahoo Mail platform. If you are not receiving e-mails at the website, for example, attempt gaining access to it via your phone’s committed mail customer or the legitimate Yahoo Mail app.

Mail not coming from

If your e-mail is too long, it can no longer be despatched successfully. Make positive you are the use of the ideal recipient’s e-mail address. If you aren’t, you could get mistakes messages like Failed Delivery.

Mail not coming from AOL

When you are not getting e-mails in AOL Mail, change the mail client’s settings, or your account changed into deactivated because of inactivity.

Why send/receive errors occur?

Send/receive error is a common problem that when sending an e-mail, some recipients receive it with an error message. Some might not even know that it is a message and cannot open it, or they may have to wait for hours or days to receive the mail.

It is a type of error that occurs when an e-mail message is sent or received incorrectly or with incorrect content, due to which it doesn’t go through successfully or there are errors in its delivery process. These errors can be caused due to incorrect formatting, spelling mistakes, typos, etc., and they could also be caused by server issues like improper connection speed, etc.,

My Inbox has not been receiving any e-mails I get

Not allowing enough time

To avoid being overworked, some employees have been using e-mail blockers and spam filters to block all incoming e-mails.

Connections Problems

Many people have received e-mails from different sources and brands, but due to connection problems, they cannot read them.

The sender doesn’t have the correct e-mail address

Some time ago, we had to deal with a situation where an e-mail was sent to the wrong sender, and the e-mail address was incorrect. The e-mail was sent to a different person, and hence it was not received by the intended recipient.

Outlook settings

Most people have their outlook settings set to “do not receive e-mail.” This is a common mistake, and it can be helpful to understand why this happens.


The error message shown on the page of ( and the error message printed in Thunderbird is very similar to one another. This similarity was noticed by the author of this article, who wanted to try and find out what exactly goes wrong when an e-mail is sent from Thunderbird and received by a user of so that you could fix it with a simple bit of code in his e-mail client.

Thunderbird FAQs

What is Bellsouth?

It is an AT&T domain on the yahoo server.

Who owns Bellsouth e-mail now?

The CEO of BellSouth, who previously owned the telecommunications company, sold it to AT&T.

Does Mozilla still own Thunderbird?

No, Thunderbird is not now owned by Mozilla.

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