How to install Spotify on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is one of the fantastic Gaming consoles to magnify your gaming experience. Besides gaming, the other apps on Steam Deck give better support for your gaming. If you love Spotify then for listening to your favourite songs and playlists then you should miss the tutorial on How to Install Spotify on Steam Deck.

Depending upon your Steam Deck the storage consumption may be different from Spotify. So, Make sure your Steam Deck has enough storage on it. Steam Deck store doesn’t include Spotify like Discord. So, in this case, you need to search for some unique method that helps to Install Spotify on Steam Deck.

Spotify on Steam Deck

Any os based on open-source features it easy to install the apps easily. Here too installing the Spotify app on your steam deck is not hard for you. By following the simple steps you can easily install it and get enjoyed it. 

The thing you need to keep in mind is that any third-party apps besides the official steam deck store must need to install from the Desktop Mode. Because of this such apps get installed on your Device’s Internal Storage. That’s you need to check the space in your eMMC SSD before installing the Apps.

Install Spotify on Steam Deck

Hold the Power Button of your Steam Deck.

From the options select Switch to Desktop. It will open your steam deck in the Desktop Version.

  • Go to the Discover Store and click on it.
  • From the discovery section search for the app ‘steam deck,’ you can use the Virtual keyboard to search the app.
  • After finding out about the Spotify App install it.
  • Get logged in to your Spotify app with the login details before getting back to Gaming Mode.
  • After Installation returns to Steam in Desktop mode and goes to the Games tab.
  • Select the Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. It will open a new window in your steam deck showing Add a Game.
  • Find the Spotify app from the list and check the box to mark and hit on Add selected programs.
  • Now close the app and return to the Gaming Mode.

With these steps, you can install Spotify on Steam Deck. After getting back to the Gaming Mode you can explore listening to music with gaming easily.

Play Spotify on Steam Deck without Installing

Aren’t you ready to Install several third-party apps on your Steam Deck? If yes then you can still play Spotify on your steam deck without installing it. For this, you can use the help of inbuilt Mozilla Firefox.


With the inbuilt Mozilla Firefox browser, you can get access to browse the Spotify site easily. Here’s how,

  • Open the Firefox Browser in your Steam Deck.
  • Visit the URL or simply type and hit the URL to open your steam deck.
  • Get logged in your with login credentials.
  • Now search, play, and enjoy listening to music from Spotify on Steam Deck.

Steps to download Spotify without Google Play

If you are willing to download the Spotify App then you can consider other Google Play alternatives too. There is several website and applications to download Spotify app for your device.

Popular sites like Apkpure, Apkdroid, Appdroid, Apkfile, Aptoide, etc. Offers you to download the latest Spotify App directly without Google Play.

Is APK safe? How can I remove the virus from APK?

Android-based OS Support the Apk format application. Installing the apk file is the single file format for your Android OS-based device. It’s one of the safe and accessible app formats for Android devices.

Getting attacked by the Virus is one the head jerking for us. Regarding removing the Virus from Apk you must need to pay attention depending upon the process. So, you can remove the virus from Apk and your Device with the help of an Antivirus Scan. Getting the inbuilt device features and premium antivirus tools will help you to remove viruses from Apk.

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