5 Steps How to Configure/Add bellsouth.net into Windows 11, 10 Fixed


Bellsouth Email is a vintage email service that Bellsouth launched some decades ago. Like SBCGlobal email, the email is now owned by AT&T. AT&T purchased both email services and combined them into its AT&T email service.

The steps to set up Bellsouth email in Outlook on Windows 10/11 are outlined below.

Add Email Account
  • Open the Outlook program.
  • Select File and then Add Account. Next, choose “Manual configuration server setting or additional server types” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Next >> to continue. On the new window, yes.
  • After that, you must input your Bellsouth email address as well as your name.
  • Click Next after selecting IMAP and POP.
  • imap.mail.att.net‘ is the incoming mail server.
  • smtp.mail.att.net‘ is the outgoing mail server.
  • Enter your email address and password when asked.
  • Check both the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and the “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” boxes under More Settings.
Outlook Settings
  • Now go to the Advanced page and double-check that the POP3 Incoming Server Port is 995.
  • Also, make sure the incoming server port is 465.
  • Now, disable SSL and use the encrypted connection type listed below.
  • The email setting is now complete, so click Finish.

To create a Bellsouth email account, follow these steps:

Internet Email Settings SSL
  • Go to Bellsouth email settings or search for AT&T on your browser. Here, click the ‘Sign Up‘ button.
  • Choose your email address and password.
  • Click the ‘Continue‘ button after entering your personal information and answering several security questions.
  • You’ve now successfully created your Bellsouth email ID.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to finish your registration.
  • You can sign in to your Bellsouth email account after finishing registration.
  • You can contact Bellsouth customer support if you have any issues during the procedure.

To login into your Bellsouth email account, follow these simple steps:

  • To begin, go to the Bellsouth email login page. When you click the Sign in button, you will be taken to the Yahoo Mail Login Page.
  • Fill in the blanks with your Bellsouth email address and password.
  • To access your Bellsouth.net account, click on the Sign in button or press enter on the keyboard.

Bellsouth email not working

AT&T Login Sign Up Page
  • Create a secure mail key and change your password.
  • If your Bellsouth email isn’t working in Outlook, you might be able to fix it by changing your password. This problem can happen with some legacy accounts, and the best way to fix it is to go to Bellsouth’s website and change your password.
  • Check if the problem persists after changing the password. If the problem persists, you should consider generating a secure mail key. This is essentially a password that will only be used for outlook if you want to keep your email safe from malicious individuals, using a secure mail key is a wonderful way to do it.

To make a secure mail key, perform these steps:

Login into Mail
  1. Click on Sign-in info on your Bellsouth profile page.
  2. Now choose the email account for which you’d like to create a secure mail key.
  3. Select Manage secure mail key from the secure key section, which is located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the option to add a secure mail key.
  5. You can give your security key a name if you wish to make it easier to recognize. This isn’t required, but it may be useful in the future.
  6. Select Create secure mail key from the drop-down menu. Copy the secure mail key to the clipboard by clicking the Copy secure mail key to the clipboard button.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. All you have to do now is go into Outlook and change your password to the secure mail key. After then, see if the issue has been resolved.

Bellsouth.net Incoming Server Email Settings – IMAP

Bellsouth Mail
  • imap.mail.yahoo.com is the server.
  • 993 (port)
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security)
  • Username: Your email address in its entirety
  • Password: Your username and password

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Outgoing Server

  • smtp.mail.yahoo.com is the server.
  • 465 (port)
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security)
  • Username: Your email address in its entirety
  • Password: Your username and password

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