How to Create a RoadRunner Email Account?


RoadRunner Email is one of the email services provided for the users of Time Warner Cable Internet. To access this email service, the users must take the help of different email clients like Outlook or Gmail App. Here’s more regarding the type of RR EmailHow to Access RR Mail, including the Strong security and RR biz Steps for you.

RR Email is an advanced feature of the webmail service provided for the warmer cable network, which can be accessed using email programs. It’s an advanced email feature offering easy accessibility to users.

How to Create a RoadRunner Email Account

To get started with the Roadrunner Email services, you must have an account first. So, if you want to get use the Time Warner Cable email service, then you need to check this,

Go to the Spectrum Page first


Now enter your ZIP Code there. You can find your ZIP Code easily on search engines.

After that, click on Continue.         

Now create a username and Password there. Here it will ask you to fill out the contact information related to the spectrum services.

On the next page, enter your Contact Info to confirm your account. 

Fill out other additional information as mentioned.

That’s it, and your Roadrunner Email is created.

You can get started with your Roadrunner Email Account using these simple steps. 


Before going through the process of accessing rr mail, it’s good to know about the Roadrunner mail Features. Here are the features of RR Mail for you,

Primary Email with 5 Sub Email

RR Email comes with an additional 5 Sub email accounts. That’s the amazing feature of Roadrunner Email to provides additional 5 email accounts that help to stay associated with the significant connections to get access to all the email services.

High-End Security for Secure Mailing

With an End to End encryption features, your emails are fully secured in RR Email. Here you can easily store your data mail with protected and strong security. All the emails received and sent are highly secured with end-end encryption.

No-Limit Storage

You don’t need to worry about the cloud space to store your Email in RoadRunner. Here it offers massive storage to store your every Email and attachment without any problems regarding the storage.

Absolute Spam Control

RoadRunner Email also features complete spam control. Using the spam control features, you will get rid of getting the spam emails, that’s exasperating.


Features the comprehensive spam protection

Auto proffered of the Spam Mail

Highly developed security options to Safeguard the Mail

Features the Parental Control

Large address book to store the number of Users’ Address Space

Email Programs/Clients

Email clients or programs are Email Service Provider platform that helps the Email to work. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, MailSpring, Gmail, etc. Are the well-known Email Programs.

How Do you Access RR Mail with IMAP and SMTP

To access your, you must connect with an Email Client. Using Email Clients, you can get access to your RR Mail easily. You must set up your Account using your Email Programs with IMAP Configuration Settings.

To access the RR Mail, you need to configure these IMAP Settings,

IMAP Settings For RR Mail (RoadRunnder/TWC):

Port: 993

Security: SSL/TLS

IMAP Username: you can enter the full name or email address before @

IMAP Password: Set the Password the same as your Email

SMTP Server Settings to Access RR Mail (RoadRunner/TWC):

Port: 587

Security: STARTTLS

SMTP Username: you can enter the full name or email address before @

SMTP Password: Set the Password the same as your Email

POP3 Settings to Access RR Mail (RoadRunner/TWC):

POP3 Port: 995

POP3 Security: SSL

POP3 Username: you can enter the full name or email address before @

POP3 Password: Set the Password the same as your Email

Roadrunner strong securities Tips

If you want to make your Roadrunner Email Account Secure, you can enhance some methods for additional safety. You can modify the RR Email Settings to make your RR Secure Account. Here are some guides for Roadrunner Strong Securities,

Use the secure, personal and private Network while using the RR Email. It’s good to use the secure Network (neglect the public Network) while accessing your Mails in your Browser and Device.

Neglects, Never open the suspicious link. It would help if you needed to avoid such spam links.

Keep on Updating or Changing the Password timely. It’s recommended to practice changing the Password after a certain interval.

Use the strong Password. For Roadrunner Strong Securities, it’s good to use passwords containing letters, Numbers, and Symbols (Special Characters).

Get updated and trusted anti-virus and security software.

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