Unique Way to SMTP Setup Brighthouse Email into MS Outlook365


Brighthouse Email is a US-based email server. If you are a Brighthouse email service user, you can configure it for any Email client. It’s now easy to set up your Brighthouse Email In Outlook365. 

Like on other email services, you need to have certain Setup Settings. After setting up your brighthouse email to any email client, you can sync, send and receive emails directly from any email client.

How to Setup

To use your Brigthouse email services in Outlook, you must configure Incoming/Outgoing Server Settings. After this, you can set up the Port settings to manage Access over any email client.

For Microsoft Outlook365, too, you need to have certain setup settings. Check all setup settings for your Brigthouse Email in MS Outlook. As like on Roadrunner, you need to have your Brighthouse Email Details,

Step I – Add Account

  • Open Outlook365 on your PC.
  • Go to the File>Info tab.
  • From the account, Information click on the Add Account option. It will open the pop-up window on your screen of Outlook.
  • Choose Advanced Options and check the Let me set up my account manually.
  • Now select the IMAP Account Settings.
  • Under the IMAP Settings, fill in these variables,

Your Name: You can enter the name as per your RR Mail Account

F-Mail Address: Enter the RR Email address here

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomain.com

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.yourdomain.com

User Name: You can set the username as the same as your email address

Password: Use the same Password as your RR Mail Password

  • After these, click on Next.
  • Now enter the Password of your rr email account and click on Connect.
  • Wait for a few settings to set up your account. 
  • At last, click on Done.

Step II – Set Incoming/ Outgoing Server

After adding your Brighthouse Email Account, you must set up an Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail Server. Here’s

IMAP Settings for Brighthouse in Outlook

IMAP Server: mail.brighthouse.com

IMAP Port: 993

IMAP Security: SSL

IMAP Username: you can enter the full name or email address before @

IMAP Password: Set the Password the same as your Email

Incoming Mail Server: pop-server. roadrunner

SMTP Settings for Brighthouse in Outlook

SMTP Server: mail.brighthouse.com

SMTP Port: 587

SMTP Security: TLS

SMTP Username: you can enter the full name or email address before @

SMTP Password: Set the Password the same as your Email

Outoging Mail Server: smtp-server.roadrunner.com

With these steps mentioned above, you can easily set up Brighthouse email in outlook365. Confirming the Incoming/Outgoing Server setup settings for Brighthouse in Outlook 365 to send and receive emails is simple.

Port Settings for Brighthouse Email

The Brighthouse email service is one of the best financial services accessed via any email client. For the Setup Settings, you must have the Port Settings, which will help manage the Access.

IMAP Port: 993

SMTP Port: 587


How to Configure the Setup Settings in Brighthouse email?

To configure the Brigthouse email in outlook365, you must set up the Incoming and Outgoing servers.

What are the SMTP Settings for Brighthouse Email in Outlook?

You must configure the SMTP settings with the Server Name of mail.brighthouse.com & SMTP Port with 587, while the other details are your email details.

How to get Token Access in Brighthouse Email?

For token Access, you need to configure the verification mail first.

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