Why Unable to Wrapping New Line in Gmail?

Sometimes you may get an error of Not wrapping text in Gmail. Well, it’s a rare problem seen in Gmail. But if you need help wrapping a new line, you can get some ideas here. Here’s the Troubleshooting regarding the Gmail Not Wrapping Up.

Unable to Wrapping New Line in Gmail

Some users used to face an error while sending or reading emails. Sometimes Gmail automatically warps paragraphs and makes them unformatted. It needs to be more formal and is good to read.

If you are a receiver, then some incoming emails may not wrap. It’s one of the most irritating issues that makes us difficult to get the mail message. Here’s how to fix a common error that occurs while Wrapping Mail.

Regarding Gmail Not Wrapping Up, we can find some reasons. Primarily, if the Mail contains a larger image, then it may occur. When the image’s resolution is larger, wrapping up issues on the app can be seen.

Fix Gmail Not Wrapping Up

Step I – Zooming Out

Well, there are no exact methods to eliminate this error, but you can still try this. 

Just Zoom Out the Mail, which needs to be wrapped Up. Press the Ctrl and – Key once.

Now select the Message text warped; it will open the new windows.

Here you will get the simple text version of your mail message.

Step II – Resizing the Image and Forwarding the Message

The larger image resolution on Mail also causes Gmail not to wrap up. So, resize the image and forward it to the other recipients. 

Step III – Open a Mail in New Window

Another troubleshooting method for Wrapping up Mail is opening the Mail in a new window.

  • Open the Mail and click on a new window option. You can find this near the Print All option.
  • Here it automatically wraps the mail message. 

Step IV – Pasting the Mail in Doc Page

Pasting the Mail to the plain text file is one of the methods to fix Unable to wrap a new line. For this, you need to Copy the whole message.

  • Press Ctrl + A simply.
  • Then click on Ctrl + C to copy it.
  • Now open the txt file or any word processor.
  • Paste it as Plain Text or Text Only.

Fix Gmail Wrapping Up Issues on Gmail

You must follow these steps to fix the Word wrap problem in Gmail App. Here it would help if you unchecked the Plain text mode. Here’s how,

  • Go to the Sent Mail/Compose Mail Section.
  • Now click on the Sidebar options.
  • Find the Plain text mode.
  • Uncheck it if it’s checked.

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