Why is Gmail Not Loading? A common reason to won’t load Gmail.

Sometimes Gmail App fails to Connect to the Server. That cause the Gmail won’t load. This tutorial explains why it won’t load gamil and the methods to resolve this issue.

Why is Gmail Not Loading? A common reason to won’t load Gmail

Due to various reasons, Gmail failed to connect Server. That may cause an issue in loading Gmail. We can find these common causes of Gmail Not Loading,

  • Because of inactive Internet connection.
  • Incompatible Browser and Extensions on it.
  • Number of Browsing Cache and Cookies
  • Some Privacy Settings and Permission of Security of Software

Gmail App Failed What to Do?

If your Gmail App fails, you must find possible ways to troubleshoot Gmail Won’t Load issues. 

Why Gmail Failed to Connect Server?

The Gmail Failed to Connect to the Server due to a weak or Unstable Internet Connection. Additionally, the Server related issues are also why Gmail won’t load.

Things to Do Before Troubleshooting Gmail Not Loading

Before troubleshooting the Gmail Won’t Load error, you must find the possible and common reasons not to load Gmail. After that, you can get in touch with the methods to fix it When Gmail Doesn’t Load.

9 Possible Methods to Resolve Gmail Won’t Load

Check this troubleshooting method to fix Gmail Not Loading. Here we mentioned the possible methods to fix failed to-connect Server in Gmail.

The method I – Restart your System.

Restarting the PC is a simple and often working method to resolve the issue. You can restart your device to fix the Gmail Won’t load error.

Method II – Check the Status of the Internet

More than having Internet is needed to connect the Server of Gmail. It would help if you needed to have a stable and active internet connection. Because a slow internet connection causes your Gmail to load slowly, that results in getting the error Gmail Not Loading.

You can check the Internet speed using different testing tools to ensure your Internet is stable.

Method III – Check the Compatibility of the Browser

Another fix for Gmail Not Loading is to check your browser’s compatibility. You must need to make sure the browser supports Gmail. Top browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and UC are compatible with Gmail.

But the new and unpopular browsers may need help to function properly to adjust all the HTML and CSS of Gmail. So, check for it.

Method IV – Change the Browser

If you are getting the Gmail Won’t Load issue, you can change the browser for peace of Mind. Here you can use another browser to get fix this issue. If you use more than one browser, try to access your Gmail from there and see the changes.

Method V – Remove/Change the Extensions

For PC Users, using the Extensions is an impressive feature. But some browser extensions are not safe and responsive for your browser. We have found that some extensions are causing Gmail not to function correctly.

So, check the extensions installed in your browser. For better, you can disable the browser and try to load your Mail again.

Method VI – Check the Server Status

It will be easy to determine whether the common reason it won’t load Gmail is that or not by checking the server status. Although it’s rare, you can try this troubleshooting for peace of mind.

Sites like Down Detector help to update the status of the Server of a particular platform. So, try this method once. If that’s the issue, then wait for some time.

Method VII – Clear the Cache Files

Clearing the cache data and cookies is an excellent method to fix the error. You can delete the browsing history and all the cookies easily. 

  • Go to the Browser and clear all the cache and cookies.
  • Restart your Browser and re-load Gmail.

Method VIII – Disable Security Software

Sometimes security software shows conflicting behaviors. Due to this, it delivers in running the software in the system. It’s better to disable the Anti-virus and Security software for some time to fix the error.

  • Disable the security software for some time.
  • Try to load Gmail. If your Gmail Loads successfully, then you need to fix and change the settings of your Security software.

Method IX – Re-Install the Browser

At last, you can uninstall the browser to fix Gmail Won’t Load error. Uninstalling the browser clears all the settings, which is the reason for getting the default settings.

So, Uninstall and re-install the browser and try again.

How to Fix Gmail Won’t Load on Android

Android users also can follow the above methods to fix Gmail, not Loading issues. Besides these, you can have additional methods to resolve the issue.

The method I – Turn on Auto-Sync Mail

  • Open the Gmail App on your Phone.
  • Tap on the options menu and find Settings there.
  • Go to the Data Usage section.
  • Tap/check Sync Gmail.

Method II – Check for Android Updates

Updating your Phone to the latest security update or version also helps to fix the bugs and errors. So, to fix Gmail Won’t Load, try to update the Android.

  • Go to Settings>Syste/About Phone.
  • Tap on System Update>Check for Updates.
  • Download the Update if there’s.

Method III – Remove and Re-Add the Gmail Account

  • Go to Settings>Accounts & Sync.
  • Find Google from the list. You may have several accounts (Like Facebook, TikTok, etc.). So, it would help if you chose Gmail/Google there.
  • Now choose any Gmail Account there.
  • Tap on More or three dotted menus.
  • Now tap on Remove Account.
  • Afterward, go to the Gmail App or Any App related to Google.
  • Tap on Add Account, 
  • Enter the Login Details of that Gmail Account.
  • That’s it.

How to Fix Gmail Won’t Load on iPhone.

If you are using Google Services from your iPhone, you may also encounter the Gmail not loading issue there. So, here are the solutions to Gmail Not Loading on iPhone.

Enabling the IMAP helps fetch emails from one Server to another client. So, you need to enable IMAP Settings on your iPhone.

  • Go to the Gmail Account>Settings.
  • Find the Forwarding and POP/IMAP options there.
  • Choose IMAP Access, and enable it.

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